If you do not currently have a pension in place as a contractor, you are not taking advantage of the generous tax allowances available. You could be paying substantial amounts of tax unnecessarily.

Whilst in your previous job, you may have already made arrangements for a private pension or, alternatively, you may have kept putting if off and meant to do it at some future point. Pensions are one of the most beneficial tax breaks open to contractors. You can invest money directly from the company bank account into your pension. This allows you to avoid paying the income tax you would have paid if the money went into your net salary.


Aside from the generous tax reliefs available to you as a contractor, it is now your responsibility to ensure that your pension funding does not lapse because your employment status has changed. You will need to ensure that your standard of living does not drop dramatically when you reach retirement age.

The sooner you start the less you will have to contribute in later years.

We have a number of tailor-made pension packages available with a wide range of investment options from new Multi-Asset funds to Self- Directed share dealing accounts! There is something available for every level of risk and one of our financial advisors will help you in this regard.

As contractors, time is precious and here in CWM Wealth Management Ltd we appreciate that reviewing your old retirement funds is not always top of the agenda. In your previous employment contracts, many of you will have invested your hard earned cash in company pension plans that are now invested in pension funds that perhaps no longer reflect the same attitude to risk or are inappropriate for the current volatile market conditions we find ourselves in.

When was the last time you reviewed these old pensions? We will offer a free in depth review of your existing pension arrangements reporting on their suitability given your attitude to risk and ultimate retirement planning goal.

We will let you know exactly how much is in your old pension scheme, what funds it is invested in, what charges you are paying and comment on how appropriate the scheme is for your particular age and in terms of your overall retirement planning.

We will help you consolidate all of your old pension benefits and monitor your fund better moving forward. Having reviewed your pension, CWM Wealth Management Ltd will help you to identify the best type of investment portfolio in order to best assist you in reaching your retirement targets. If you currently have a retirement fund to which you no longer contribute, then now is the time to speak to CWM Wealth Management Ltd, contact us for further information.

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