Life Assurance

Life Cover – Protecting your Dependents

In permanent employment, if you had death in service benefit, you were probably covered for up to 4 times your salary. This ensured that your dependents were protected in the event of you dying while still in employment. However, now that you are a contractor this benefit no longer exists and it is now your responsibility to ensure that you have individual cover to ensure financial security for your family.

As a contractor, you can replace this cover by linking it to your pension policy, with the total premium qualifying for generous tax relief.

Life cover for professional contractors

If you already have a life cover policy, we will review it to ensure that it is still the most competitive, as costs have decreased significantly over the last number of years. CWM Wealth Management are best placed to offer you advice on putting in place competitively priced life cover that best suits your specific needs and offers you the peace of mind that your family are protected.

Life Cover Calculator

Help protect your family with a Life Cover Calculator Quote from Zurich Life