CWM Wealth Management Ltd provides tailor-made financial solutions to self-employed contractor’s all over Ireland. We have access to multiple product providers which allows us to offer you the most appropriate product for your particular requirements. We specialise in offering financial advice specifically to contractors which means you are always at the top of our agenda.

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There are many financial benefits in setting up as a contractor with the average contractor enhancing their income significantly. While you are in permanent employment, a lower salaried income is enhanced by additional benefits such as sick pay, company pension scheme, medical and life assurance. These are valuable benefits and it is essential that you put steps in place to replace these benefits from the day you start contracting. You will now find that as a new or established contractor you will require access to a range of financial service products and supporting advice that before now were taken care of by your employer.

You will need to look at replacing some or all of these employee benefits and most of these qualify as legitimate expenses through your new company so are subject to extremely generous rates of tax relief.

There are a bewildering number of insurance companies, banks and other providers of financial services but many of their products are poorly suited to the unique position in which a contractor operates. CWM Wealth Management Ltd understands the complexities of contracting and we have a team of advisors who are ready to tailor a financial product to suit you.

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